Why is auditing your digital media important?


Our clients come to us when they suspect there is opportunity to improve performance, increase ROI, realise efficiencies or when they need reassurance that their complicated, and costly, digital accounts are being managed to best practice standards.

  • Digital media accounts almost always carry ‘legacy baggage’ from changes in agency, staffing, strategy and innovations in the platforms themselves.

  • Large accounts are often unwieldy, confusingly structured and hard to navigate.

  • Important and advanced features become inconsistently adopted and configured.

If you’re looking to answer any of these questions about your digital media, Percept can help:

  • Is my agency or in-house team doing a good job?

  • I’m about to in-house - what’s the lay of the land?

  • Is my activity well governed?

  • Is my performance optimal?

  • Should I be spending less or more?

  • How are all my markets doing?

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We analyse and improve PPC, Display and Social Media accounts for top global brands.