Faster, cheaper and better digital auditing.


We have a suite of powerful software tools which analyse digital accounts. These tools find ROI improvements in thousands of hidden structural parameters.

We use the data to compile detailed and extensive digital media audits and use the metrics to provide ongoing analysis.

A Percept audit typically increases our clients’ ROI by at least 25%.

Percept provides a full, microscopic analysis of your digital accounts, including…

  • Structure & Settings

  • Keywords

  • Ad Copy / Creative

  • Ad Extensions

  • Budgets & Bids

  • Audiences & Behaviours

  • Tracking

  • Landing Pages

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Percept Report

A fully Managed Service

Expert consultants

Bespoke reports

Actionable recommendations

Detailed, specific examples of opportunities

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Percept Monitor

Dashboard accessible 24x7

Detailed metrics

Actionable insights

Health indicators

Metric timelines

Downloadable data exports

Downloadable charts

Using Percept couldn’t be easier.

Grant us access to your chosen digital media account (for example Google Ads) and the Percept Engine does the rest.

Using our proprietary, independent technology, Percept reads your entire account (and, crucially, your operating environment too) and conducts a detailed algorithmic ‘fingertip analysis’ of every account interaction or change.

It then examines thousands of performance, structural, and procedural parameters looking for mistakes, errors and opportunities to improve ROI.

If you’re looking for performance improvements, higher ROI, efficiencies, or just the reassurance that your paid digital programmes are following best practice in all areas, request a demo today.

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