Ready for the truth about your digital media?

Percept is an independent, technology-powered digital media auditor.


 Secure performance improvements, higher ROI, more efficiencies, or the reassurance that your paid digital accounts are fully optimised.


We analyse and improve PPC, Display and Social Media accounts for top global brands.


Not just the tip of the iceberg: Percept gets underneath the surface of your accounts to identify underlying issues and unseen opportunities.

Percept has a suite of powerful software tools which analyse digital accounts. We find ROI improvements in thousands of hidden structural and performance parameters and use the data to compile detailed and extensive digital media audits. We use the metrics to provide ongoing analysis that fuels increased performance.


A Percept Audit includes in-depth Analysis, Scores & Recommendations

  • Proprietary Percept tools

  • Client-specific KPIs

  • Hand-written reports

  • Numerical health scores

  • Clear recommendations

  • Training and Support


We routinely improve ROI by over 25%

An average Percept audit delivers cost savings that pay for itself 10x over!

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“As well as addressing technical errors in our account, such as improving inaccuracies with location targeting, we have been able to more accurately target our audience of people seeking housing advice and reduce wastage.”

Alastair Ball, Search Marketing Manager at Shelter


“After just two months with Percept™, Marsh & Parsons achieved a 73% increase in conversions and a 47% decrease in CPC.”


If you’re looking to answer any of these questions about your digital media, Percept can help:

  • Is my agency or in-house team doing a good job?

  • I’m about to in-house - what’s the lay of the land?

  • Is my activity well governed?

  • Is my performance optimal?

  • Should I be spending less or more?

  • How are all my markets doing?