Percept’s audit and monitoring drives client account efficiencies


Percept was approached by a global blue-chip client looking for better insights into their current marketing efforts.

We recommended a range of specific changes, to optimise the structural set up and enable improvement in the performance of their accounts, including: 

  • Location

  • Match type optimisation

  • Ad copy uniqueness

  • Bid strategies

  • Device targeting


These areas were identified as having the biggest impact against the brand’s KPIs: reduction in cost, improvements in response and ultimately a greater ROI. 

We estimated a minimum reduction in CPC of 30%, based on the health of the key metrics.

Post audit, after implementing our recommendations, we found improvements in all these structural and managerial areas and a resulting improvement in the performance of CTR and CPC.

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Ongoing monitoring

The Percept Monitor platform allows brands, agencies and digital media practitioners to track progress when making improvements to accounts. 

In this case, we can see how the client has improved use of Brand Negatives as part of the efforts to address our recommendations in the audit report.

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