Some examples of the work we have been doing for our clients.


Case Study 1

Client requirements

A global client brought Percept in to support an ambitious global digital marketing transformation project. Our brief was to assess the state of large volume managed search spend across all markets to inform in-housing plans, identify key opportunities for better performance, repeat the assessment after in-housing, provide ongoing visibility within markets alongside global summary information for the executive board, and more generally put in place sustainable & automated data-driven visibility systems.

percept monitor.png

What did Percept provide?

Percept delivered various project-critical outputs. A one-off initial consultant review quickly identified quirks, nuances and concerns for each market, allowing the Percept tools and processes to be configured against each market’s needs. The initial review also provided the client with clarity on which search management and reporting platforms were in use, and whether brand or agency owned the relevant accounts and data. Percept’s initial in-depth audit provided global summary and market detail on the quality and consistency of search management, identifying specific actionable opportunities, both tactical and strategic, to systematically improve ROI without increasing spend. This was tailored against each market’s particular needs, but still delivered rapidly via the ‘heavy-lifting’ provided by the Percept platform. The Percept report workflow enabled our auditors to audit quickly, efficiently and consistently, without diluting the quality of the output. Percept Monitor provides each market with regular and entirely automated outputs to provide rolling visibility on the quality of their search and social management.

Case Study 2

Client requirements

A multi brand travel company approached Percept to review and audit the digital activity across their brands. All brands used a different agency and were run by different but connected teams. The client asked us to rate and report on the agencies activity on the accounts. Believing there would be both a more efficient and effective way to run the overall digital marketing activity.


What did Percept provide?

Percept delivered a benchmark scored report for search, social and programmatic. Through a detailed discovery phase Percept where able to understand the different brand requirements and audit accordingly. The score allowed the travel company board to both benchmark the individual brands against each other but also against Percept industry benchmarks of best practice.

Ultimately Percept where able to provide the client with a holistic view of all their activity ranging from the structure of the accounts, through to the performance and level of agency activity on the accounts. The score guided a higher level board decision, while the detailed recommendations allowed the brands to understand improvements that could be made and the financial impact of implementing the changes.

“Percept allowed us to make an informed decision through the delivery of insights and benchmarks, as well as a deep understanding and advice on the industry landscape” marketing, travel client.

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